Aqueous Operational Services

​Protecting our water resources

Mission Statement

To provide customized trained staff with the expertise and knowledge to meet our customers regulatory and compliance needs. No task is to small.

Who We Are

Aqueous Operational Services Inc. provides water and wastewater operational support services to customers throughout the southwestern Ontario region. In our ‘new’ economy, industrial, commercial, institutional and public sector clients are feeling the pressure of too much work to do with the limited resources. Many clients are realizing the value outsourcing some of their headaches to Aqueous Operational Services. Due to our flexibility and expertise, Aqueous can generally provide contract services with lower overhead and administrative costs than the client can manage for themselves.
What makes us unique in this area? Flexibility. The services we offer are tailored to meet our client’s needs.
Our specialty is the operation of wastewater treatment plants and small water supply systems in the industrial, commercial, institutional and public sectors.
Below are examples of customers we have services:
Food industry
Manufacturing plants
Public and private schools
Seasonal and residential campgrounds
Highway service centers
Facility start-up, training and troubleshooting
No Task Is to small

Our Services

Facility Management and Operations

AOS specialty is the operation of small water and  wastewater treatment systems in the food services industry, commercial and institutional sectors.
AOS can develop and provide customized management and/or operations packages to address unique client requirements.
AOS can supply support staff for start up and optimization of new and retro fitted treatment systems.

Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Monitoring Services

AOS has an extensive network of suppliers that can provide all types of water and sewage pumps, aeration equipment, filter and adsorption systems including sand, cartridge, activated carbon, ion exchange, and membrane types, disinfection equipment, water storage tanks and reservoirs.
Monitoring services, including sampling and laboratory analysis for regulatory compliance and/or client requirements.


"We were pleasently surprised with the amount of effort the Aqueous Operational team put into the different stages of implementation. Their team helped with the commisioning and testing of the new equipment, and they suggested ways to improve the process. Over the initial several weeks of operation, they focused on optimizating the chemical dosing for treating the wastewater. This was quite a challenge, maily due to the variability in the production schedule of the plant. They helped develop a plan to train our internal team on how to operate the system."
Plats Du Chef, Vaughan Ontario Canada
“Our partnership with Aqueous has not only allowed us to operate more efficiently and meet our targets but it has provided an invaluable resource for troubleshooting and identifying cost savings through operational, chemical and equipment recommendations.  The technical knowledge and experience of the workers and management continues to exceed our expectations.”
 Cargill Protein, London Ontario Canada
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will reply within 24 hours.
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Derek Demaine    President / Operations Manager
Telephone: 519 851 8303
Email: [email protected]

James Knechtel     Operations Supervisor
Telephone: 519 521 2067
​Email: [email protected]